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3/29/2010 - Final 4 Update

Possible Outcomes are now avaiolable here : Outcomes

Prize info is also available here - Prizes

People who I could not tie a donation to their pick:

I have 6 picks I can not tie to a payment. There are 4 payments I can not tie to a pick. I need a message ASAP on how you paid me if you do not want you pick removed.

Picks with no Payments:
Jim winning picks

3/13/2010 - It's that time of year again !!!

Hello Everyone. Welcome to the greatest sports event of the year. That's right: It is time for Pete's Powerful Pool. Yay! We will be using Yahoo! again this year.

  • Yahoo! - Group ID #59215 - contact me at --redacted-- for the password
  • Donate - click the link to donate.
  • Rules - click to see rules.
  • Standings - click to see standings and who donated, etc.
  • Prizes - click to see what the prizes are.
  • Links - click to see additional links for research and fun.
  • History - click to see past Pete's Powerful Pool Results.

NEW: I have also created a Facebook group if you would like to join, just go to your facebook account and send me a message to add you.

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