This pool is open to all of my friends and family, and their friends and family.

Donation Fee
Each pool entry is accepted with a $5.00 donation. Payment must be received in a timely manner or you may be disqualified unless previous arrangements have been made. See home page for donation information.

The pool deadline is March 18th - Noon. All entries must be received prior to this deadline or it will not be accepted.

Play-in game: No points (not included in pool)
1st Round Games: 1 point each (32 total possible 1st Round points)
2nd Round Games: 2 point each (32 total possible 2nd Round points)
3rd Round Games: 4 point each (32 total possible 3rd Round points)
4th Round Games: 8 point each (32 total possible 4th Round points)
5th Round Games: 16 point each (32 total possible 5th Round points)
Final Game: 32 points

Play-In Game
The Play-in game is not used in the pool. The Highest seed of the tournament is scheudled to play the winner of that game. Make your pick for that matchup as though there was a team already assigned for that matchup.

Bonus Points:
3 points will be awarded for correct picks picking an 'Upset' in the 1st round
2 points will be awarded for correct picks picking an 'Upset' in the 2nd round.
1 point will be awarded for correct picks picking an 'Upset' in the 3rd round.

'Upset' Definition:
All 'upset' picks based on seeding. For example, it is an 'upset' if a #12 seed beats a #5 seed. To earn the bonus points, you must also have predicted an upset for the game.

The "Play-in" Game
The "Play-In" game will be played on March 17th (2 days before the start of the 1st round). The winner of the "Play-In" game will advance as the 16 Seed in the 64 team tournament. In this pool, no points will be awarded for the "Play-In" game.

In case of a tie, the standard Yahoo! rules will be in effect. Please see Yahoo for more informaiton.

Scoring Errors
Please check your entry and verify that it is correc at Yahoo!. Once the first tournament game has started (not including the "Play-in" game), your entry can not be changed. It is your responsibility to check pool scores carefully and report any error in calculation to me immediately. Errors in scoring can be corrected until 3 p.m. local time on the day after the Championship. The decision of the pool commissioner is final.

See prizes page. NOTE: Only 1 prize per person. if more than 1 of your picks is a winner, the highst prize will be awarded to you and the any other remianing prizes will be awarded to the player who is raned 1 less than you for each additional prize .

Commissioner Privilege
The pool commissioner has the final decision on any rules that are not specifically outlined here. The decision of the pool commissioner is final.