Message From Pool Commissioner
Congrats to our winners!!!!

Final Leaderboard
Rank Player Score Champion
1 John Govert 164 Florida
2 Brian Jerauld 163 Florida
3 Eric Faber - 4 158 Florida
4 Danno P 153 Florida
5 Mike Ragan 152 Florida
6 Keith Rudd 4 152 Florida
7 Mark Bordner 151 Florida
8 Mark Weissman 150 Florida
9 Phillip King #2 145 Florida
10 Danno P2 143 Florida

Message From Pool Commissioner
OK.... that was boring.... Florida has now moved to my "I hope they never win another championship again in any sport" list. It has a select few : UNC, Dook, Florida, Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

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