The pool deadline is Noon - March 16th 2006. All entries must be received prior to this deadline or it will not be accepted. Please note that online entries must be received by this deadline in order to be accepted. Since there may be a delay between the time of online entry submission and the time it is received by the pool commissioner, it is strongly recommend that all online entries be submitted as early as possible.

Play-in game: No points (not included in pool)
1st Round Games: 1 point each (32 total possible 1st Round points)
2nd Round Games: 2 point each (32 total possible 2nd Round points)
3rd Round Games: 4 point each (32 total possible 3rd Round points)
4th Round Games: 8 point each (32 total possible 4th Round points)
5th Round Games: 16 point each (32 total possible 5th Round points)
Final Game: 32 points

Bonus Points:
1. Every correct Upset Pick in The 1st round will give you 1 bonus point

2. If you get all 8 vs 9 picks correct, you will get 1 bonus point

Additional Bonus Points:
1 point(s) for correctly picking all #8 vs #9 games