Final Leaderboard
Rank Player Score Champion
1 Chris Keener 116 Florida
2 Ben Ceranowski 108 UCLA
3 Ron Stana 94 Texas
4 Paul East 94 UCLA
5 Jason Curry 90 UConn
6 K&b Goellner 89 UConn
7 Phillip King 86 Duke
8 Phillip King #2 85 Duke
9 Elizabeth Ceranowski 83 UCLA
10 Jeff Kidd #4 83 LSU
Rank Player Score Champion
11 Harshad Kolte 80 UConn
12 David Austin 79 Duke
13 Laure Seuss 77 UConn
14 Dan Puryear 77 UConn
15 John Firlet 77 UCLA
16 Curt Speerschneider #2 77 Duke
17 Kelsey Puryear 76 UConn
18 Andrew Watts 76 Duke
19 Frank Isaacs #2 76 Duke
20 Chris Austin 75 UConn
Final Sweet 16 Leaderboard
Rank Player Score Champion
1 Christy East 12 Villanova
2 Wendy P 11 Texas
3 Harshad Kolte 8 Duke
4 Brian Goldman 8 Villanova
5 John Fischetti 7 UConn
6 Mike Ragan 6 Duke
7 K&b Goellner 6 Villanova
8 Steven Scarbel 5 Villanova
9 Chris Fischetti 5 Texas
10 Julian Williams 4 UConn

Message From Pool Commissioner
3 Straight Boring Games..... what happened to this tournament?????

Congrats to Chris Keener for winning the pool, and Christy East for winning the sweet 16 pool!!!

NEW [Has anyone heard about Herb Sendak?] PLEASE DON'T GO HERB

NEW [Buy some fun stuff]

[Funny] [Please Don't Cry - Again] [Funny 2]

Wendy had a small car accident Thursday. She is OK, but her car is not so lucky [Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3]

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